First a short semantic clarification : “trekking” means hiking long distances in several days without car driving in between (only to reach the starting point, and to leave from ending point) ; a hike it’s only for a day…

We offer Trekking and Hiking Tours, or, of an easier level, Discovery Tours.

So practically, a Hiking Tour, how does it work?

The progress

The idea of a hiking tour is to discover one or several regions mainly by foot, doing almost every day day hikes from 4 to 8 hours. On tours visiting several regions, there are also some days visiting cities, villages , and driving.

But in opposite to “trekking”, part of the is performed driving (4WD) either to travel longer distances in order to visit different regions, or to travel short distances in the same region in order to do only the most interesting hikes.

However, we often include in our hiking tours several days hiking successively without car transfer inbetween : mini-trekking inside a hiking tour

Oman’s specificity : aquatic hiking in the wadis

Oman is a desertic country but has quite many valleys (wadis) where water is flowing all year long. Some of them are perfect for hiking and we can stop on the way to swim in the river. Other valleys, often beatiful and wild ones, are more steep and we cannot hike through without having at one point to swim ; this is what we call aquatic hiking (alternately walking and swimming) ; if there are mandatory jumps, then we call it “canyoning“.

Our hiking tours might include aquatic hikes and easy canyoning (mandatory jump of not more than 3m high)

Difficulty level

Our hiking tours are mainly of Level 3 and Level 4 :

  • On tours of level 3, the height gain every day is maximum +700m ; terrain might however on some short parts be a bit difficult (we cannoot change the topography of a country : Oman is a country with rocky and steep mountains…). these tours might include aquatic hikes.
  • On tours of level 4, the height gain every day can reach up to +1200m. They might include aquatic hikes and easy canyoning.

We also have a level 2 & 3, for tours that are between Discovery and Hiking : they might include a few hikes of level 3, but not every day. Then the tour can still be interesting for someone who would not like to do these hikes. It allows for example a group of freinds or a couple to travel on the same tour even if they do not all have the same expecations in terms of hiking level.

We use also this level 2 & 3 for our Desert trips : indeed, in, the desert, the difference of level inside a group is not so much a problem ; and we experiences that our way of dealing with a desert trip allows persons with different expectations in terms of hiking to be satisfied.


As for accomodation overnight, our hiking tours usualy offer an alternation of hotels, guesthouses, and wild-camping

On some itineraries, we might also include a bivouac or a homestay.

And a typical hiking day with Al Maalam Tours, how does it look like?

Our ethics about hiking

First, we like to hike in the mountain, in the wadis, on the coastline, or in the desert, because we love nature, and hiking is the best way to discover it : walking, we access much wilder places, and we have time to contemplate the nature in its details as well as in its extent.

These are also environments where human being, through watching and understanding nature, developped with ingenuity traditional lifestyles totally incluenced by it. Facing this beautiful and generous, but also sometimes rugged and harsh nature, they have delopped values of humility, courage, and solidarity. This heritage reached to us, and when we visit these wild places, we make these values ours.

The progress of a hiking day

The progress of a hiking day is slightly different according to the environment :

Exemples of Hiking Tours

4/8 days
Western Hajar

6 days

Level 3

Hiking to the Roots of the Western Hajar

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

1 x Camping

2 x Bivouac

2 x Accomodation

A nice trip to discover the valleys of the northern slope of the Western Hajar and its remote mountain oases. 2 bivouac overnights in exceptional places, 2 nights in pleasant guesthouses, and 1 night camping in the middle of Wadi Sahtan’s cirque.

8 days

Level 4

Hiking to the top!

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

5 x Camping

2 x Accomodation

5 of the most beautiful hikes in the Western Hajar mountain range across Wadi Bani Awf and Jebel Akhdar, through sheperd hamlets, villages, oasis, rocky slopes, and vallleys. To finish, the ascent of the summit of the country, Jebel Shams.
Wadi Bani Awf Jebel Akhdar Nizwa Misfat Al Abreyeen Jebel Shams
Eastern Hajar

5 days

Level 3

Wadis and Oasis of the Eastern Hajar

Available in FebMarsNovDec

2 x Camping

2 x Homestay

An original itinerary to discover the Eastern Hajar mountains off-the-beaten track : an aquatic hike on the northern slope to start, another one on the southern side to finish, and in between a crossing of the Plateau hiking and driving!
Wadi Al Arbeyeen Wadi Tiwi Eastern Hajar’s Plateau Wadi Bani Khalid
Western Hajar, Wahiba Sands, and Eastern Hajar

7 days

Level 4

Oman Hiking Express

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

3 x Camping

3 x Accomodation

A concentrated tour to discover different aspects of Oman, hiking much and driving little : a 4-days mountain trek in Jebel Akhdar, a stop in Nizwa, 2 nights and one day in the desert, a splendid aquatic hike in Wadi Bani Khalid!
Jebel Akhdar Wadi Mistal Nizwa Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid
Jebel Al Qamr (Dhofar, South)

4 days

Level 3

Hiking in Jebel Al Qamr

Available in JanFebNovDec

2 x Camping

1 x Accomodation

Beautiful and secret hikes in Dhofar mountains, which receive munsoon rains in summer and host original fauna and flora. This part of the coast is the most wooded of the country : a suprising environment!
Jebel Al Qamr
10/15 days
Level 3 – Western Hajar, White Desert, and Eastern Hajar

12 days

Level 3

Hiking in Oman

Available in JanFebNovDec

7 x Camping

1 x Homestay

3 x Accomodation

A tour in 3 well balanced parts : 4 days in the steep valleys of the Western Hajar mountains, 4 days in the sand dunes of the White Desert and the Wahiba, and 4 days in the lush green aquatic wadis of the Eastern Hajar.
Wadi Sahtan Wadi Bani Awf Nizwa White Desert Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Sur Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen
Level 3 – Jebel Al Qamr and Rub Al Khali (Dhofar, South)

10 days

Level 3

Hiking in Dhofar

Available in JanFebDec

6 x Camping

4 x Accomodation

Beatiful and secret hikes in Dhofar mountains, which receive munsoon rains in summer and host original fauna and flora, a day rest at the beach, and a stay of 3 days / 4 nights in the Rub Al Khali desert.
Jebel Al Qamr Salalah Rub Al Khali Desert
Level 4 – Western Hajar, Wahiba Sands, Eastern Hajar

12 days

Level 4

Hiking in Hajar Mountains

Available in JanFebNovDec

6 x Camping

5 x Accomodation

A challenging tour with demanding hikes and easy canyoning almost every day and very few resting days : 6 days in the Western Hajar, 2 nights in the desert, and 4 days in the wadis of the Eastern Hajar.
Wadi Bani Awf Jebel Akhdar Nizwa Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Sur Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen

Do you prefer to join a small group?

We offer schedule tours in small groups from October to April. Itineraries are especialy designed for the season when they are planned.

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