In 2010 two friends from Oman and France, opened a specialised travel agency to organize Trekking, Hiking Tours, and Discovery Tours in Oman.

Al Maalam Tours is the name of the company, whose office is located in Nizwa (Oman) and who holds licence of Local Tour Operator in Oman. Oman Trekking Guides our commercial name.

For the anecdote, “Al Maalam” means “cultural heritage“, that’s to say a transmission from the past ; a person from the Ministry of Tourism, originating from Jebel akhdar gave it to us.

The company has developped quickly until 2016. We have worked with important trekking tour operators (Tirawa, Atalante, Viamont, Sur les Hauteurs, Terres Oubliees and Tamera in France, Hauser Exkursionen and Bedu Expeditionen in Germany, ASI in Austria, Sayu Travel in Japan), some small travel agencies, and many independant travelers on private tailor-made tours.

Starting with 3 guides in 2010, we were 12 in 2016, without counting the numerous drivers and the logistic team. This last year, we’ve taken more than 1000 persons on tours of an average length of 6 days.

During these 7 years we continuously went on exploration trips to offer original and high-quality itineraries.

Experience and travels abroad also improved our savoir-faire.

And we also benefited from the transmission of knowledge from older persons like Patrick Cabirot, Nathalie Henriot, Jakob Oberhauser, Thierry Grand, and many others.

In 2016, Ibrahim and Antoine wanted to step back. They closed temporarily their agency in 2017.


We now start again for new adventures, to show you authentical Oman.

The purpose of our project

  • Take you to trips which give you a true change of scene and an enriching experience, and that will leave a lasting impression on you.
  • Offer you our services directly, without a reseller, to offer you a better value for money.
  • Offer you the choice between a tailor-made private tour, or scheduled tours in small groups.
  • Show you Oman as we would do with friends.
  • Welcome travelers of different nationalities and cultures
  • Highlight the virtue of rural society and traditional ways of life.
  • Give job opportunities to people who do not have any, but do have values.

What we offer

We offer different kind of tours :

In the form of :

Ans also :