In short

We call Discovery Tours, our trips of level 2.

So, these are rather easy tours above all with easy walks and short hikes with little height difference (max. 300m). And in all cases, we are here to help you… no stress! And if sometimes you do not wamt to walk, there is always a nice spot where you can wait and enjoy free time!

They are aimed at people who do not want or cannot do long demanding hikes but do like to walk and spend time outside in nature.

But then, what is the difference with a classic tour?

  • first Discovery Tours are still walking tours, since we we favour short walks and easy hikes to discover the places we visit
  • then they are also often adventure trips, since we might go to remote areas which are of not so easy access
  • Finally, contrary to classic tours which try to feed the program with as many “must see” places as possible (that’s means all the famous touristic spots), we try to visit other as beautiful and interesting places, but little known and thus not touristic and not corwded. In that regard, be cautious if someone tries to sell you “the must see off the beaten track”… there’s something wrong…

So, practicaly, how it works?

We are traveling with 4WD vehicules, are itinerant, and stop on the way to discover beautiful spots.

We travel at a relatively slow pace, without being always in a hurry to stick to a too dense program. Rather than accumulating visited places, we wander in the country taking time to enjoy its beauty and way of life. In short, once a traveler told us that we were doing “Slow travel” unknowingly (she was true : we did not even know the concept!)…

We favour natural sites to cultural visits.

As for activities, beside walking, we might also swim in the wadis and in the sea, go snorkeling, or even in some tours along the coast try fishing. For all these activities,we are here to help you if you need.

Regularly, we take time to make lunch outside, in beautiful spots, rather than in the restaurant : sometimes we take away from restaurant, dan some other time (always if we spend the full day at the beach or in the desert), we cook or grill…

On some days, lunch happens in the middle of an easy hike. In this case lunch is more simple (because it has to fit in the backpack), but always well prepared and tasty…

As for overnights, we can make Discovery Tours sleeping always in hotels et guesthouses. In this case we have some good comfort every evening…

Most of the times, however, we have a mix of hotels, guesthouses, and des nuits en camping sauvage. In this case, we have a bit less comfort, but we enjoy more nature at the times of the day (sunset and sunrise) and at night… and we enjoy very good fresh food!

So, in short, a Discovery Tour, is quite an epicurian journey:

  • we exercise but no extreme effort
  • we are active bu we don’t run and have time to contemplate
  • we spend much time outside in nature
  • it’s not luxury, but we enjoy some comfort
  • and we enjoy good food!

And why not going with an american or european Adventure Tour Operator?

Well, let’s say that it is the same difference as between buying vegetables from the farmer and buying them in the supermarket…

European and American tour operators always work with local companies, bring them a certain amount (but irregular) of work, negociate prices, eventualy add plane tickets and of course their margin, and market the tour…

Local companies have to perform more tours for a lower price. Finally, products are of less quality (yet maybe better showcased…), more standardized, and more expensive. All this at the expense of the producer and the consumer (we and you)…

And couldn’t we do the same alone or as a self-drive tour?

Of course, you could do what we do by yourself , or something similar your own way.

But it takes time to prepare and organize. And as you do not know the places yourself, you’ll have to trust things you read and hear from others…

If you book a self-drive tour, then you don’t have to do this preparation work.

On site, during the tour, it’s also a bit more complicated since you do not know the places nor the language. And if you camp overnights, supplying food and cooking will take you some time…

This is the service we offer : our deep knowledge of the coutry while planning and performing the trip, and all the tasks we do during the tour so that you realy feel on holiday and can enjoy!

Exemples of Discovery Tours

6/8 days

7 days

Level 2

Around the Eastern Hajar

Available in FebMarsNovDec

4 x Camping

2 x Accomodation

An easy tour all around the Eastern Hajar mountains to discover many wadis (each one having its own charm), spend a night in the desert of Wahiba Sands, and enjoy the clear water and white beaches of the Sea of Oman!
Lowhills Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Ras Al Had Sur Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen Bandar Khayran

8 days

Level 2

Discover Northern Oman

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

3 x Camping

4 x Accomodation

An easy tour, which takes us to the emblematic spots of Oman and offers a good insight of the diversity of the country : the Western Hajar Mountains, the Grand Canyon, wadis, desert, wild beach, and the cities of Nizwa inland and Sur on the coast.
Wadi Bani Kharus Wadi Bani Awf Jebel Shams Nizwa Wahiba Desert Sur Wadi Tiwi Bandar Khayran
Discovery and Adventure

8 days

Level 2

Discover and Adventure in Al Hajar Mountains

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

5 x Camping

2 x Accomodation

A discovery tour largely off the beaten track in which we cross respectively the Western and Eastern Hajar ranges. Great mountain landscapes and secluded oases, but also desert, sea, and wadis!
Wadi Mistal Lowhills Wadi Sahtan Wadi Bani Awf Nizwa Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Eastern Hajar’s Plateau Wadi Al Arbeyeen Bandar Khayran
10/15 days
Discovery – comfort

12 days

Level 2

Discover Oman – Comfort

Available in JanFebMarsNovDec

11 x Accomodation

A tour of accessible level for those who want to discover Oman’s diverse landscapes and local life, off the touristic trail, but with simple comfort overnight.
Wadi Al Arbeyeen Wadi Tiwi Sur Wadi Bani Khalid Wahiba Desert Masirah Island White Desert Nizwa Al Hamra Misfat Al Abreyeen Jebel Shams Wadi Bani Awf Lowhills Wadi Mistal
Discovery and Adventure

12 days

Level 2

Discover Dhofar

Available in JanFebNovDec

6 x Camping

5 x Accomodation

A nice tour to visit the region of Dhofar, which has a long history and enjoys a special climate since it receives the monsoon’s rain. Several days in the desert of Rub al Khali and an exploration of the coast east and west of Salalah.
Salalah Rub Al Khali Desert Jebel Samhan Jebel Al Qamr

15 days

Level 2

Discover and Adventure in Oman

Available in JanFebNovDec

9 x Camping

1 x Homestay

4 x Accomodation

An adventurous itinerary through remote and little visted places. But at a slow pace and with easy walks and hikes. Mountains, desert, sea, wadis, a lot of nature, and many camping nights in remote wild beautiful places!
Wadi Mistal Lowhills Wadi Sahtan Wadi Bani Awf Wadi Bani Kharus Jebel Shams Nizwa White Desert Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Eastern Hajar’s Plateau Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen Bandar Khayran

Discovery Tours in small groups

You are alone or a small party, and you would prefer to join a small group, rather than going for a private trip?

Here, you’ll find the coming Discovery Tours we have planned