What we call “Family tours” are Discovery Tours, specialy designed for families with children (6 years and more).

For general information about the progress of such a tour, please refer to the page about Discovery Tours.

We detail here only the specificities of a Family Tour.

The pace

On these tours, we try not to plan too much in a single day, so that we are not in a hurry… During the tou,r, if the program is not dense enough, the guide can easily add a visit, a walk in a village, or a stop for swimming in a wadi, or if you like, we can arrive early at the camp or in the hotel and enjoy free time.


We try to favour fun outdoor activities, so that both parents and children enjoy.

Children usually love to swim in the natural pools of the wadis, often longer and more times than adults. So we stop longer at the pools and sometimes plan a barbecue there…

We try to include a full day at the beach on a secluded cove to swim, but also grill fish, do snorkeling (we make ourselves available to help you, if it’s your first time…), and eventualy try to fish.

We also like to include one overnight in bivouac in the mountain during an easy hike : we hike 2 to 4 hours only with backpacks, and we set up a basic camp in a beautifull and isolated spot, always with water nearby, to spend the night : we have time to go explore the surroundings, gather wood to make a fire, and prepare dinner together…

If it’s the good season (mid-November to late February), we plan 2 consecutive nights wild camping in the same spot in the desert. During the full day we spend in the desert, we go for a hike around the camp, but often shorter than with a group of adults.


We try alternate overnights guesthouses (idealy with place outside so that children can play around), hotels, wild camping, and as said above a night in bivouac.

Examples of Family Tours

10 days

Level 2

Family Adventure in Oman

Available in FebMarsNovDec

4 x Camping

1 x Bivouac

4 x Accomodation

A tour specialy designed for families : an overnight in an abandonned mountain village accessible only by foot nested in the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, 2 nights and 1 day in the sand dunes, swim in several wadis, and wild sand beaches!
Wadi Mistal Lowhills Wadi Bani Awf Misfat Al Abreyeen Jebel Shams Al Hamra Nizwa Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Sur Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen Bandar Khayran

Do you prefer to join a small group?

We offer family tours during the most common school holidays internationaly : late October / early November, late December / early January, sometimes also late February / early March and around Easter.

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