First a brief clarification about the difference between wild camping and bivouac :

When we do wild camping, we have vehicules ; so more equipment, and the place must be accessible by car (sometimes 4WD only, which is often the case for us…).

Bivouac happens in a trek or a multi-day hike : we do not have vehicules (possibly pack animal), so less equipment and the place does not have car access ; so it’s more basic and wilder.

Unfortunately, marketing communication of economic agents in the field of trekking and outdoor sports misused this word (and many others), so that we talk a lot of “Bivouac” but it is not practiced much anymore…

Wild Camping with Al Maalam Tours

How does it work?

We choose beautiful, wild, and isolated spots to camp.

it can be in the mountain, in the desert, on the beach, or in rocky hills.

Setting up the camp

When arriving on the spot, the team (guide and driver(s)) unload the car(s) and give you your luggage and a tent.

While you pitch your tent and get yourself setlled, the team prepare the common camp :

  • In all cases :

>>> a mat and mattresses (the same ones you’ll use for sleeping : foam ~ 7cm thick) to make a sitting place
>>> slightly apart, the kitchen (water jerrycanes, food boxes, gaz bottle, cookers, and coockware boxes)

  • If we camp high in the mountain and expect a cold night

>>> a big tent to be able to eat and spend the evening in a warm place

  • If we camp in the desert for several nights at the same place

>>> a big tent to have shade for lunch and chilling early afternoon the next day(s) and possibly to protect us in case of sandstorm
>>> if the group is big and we stay long time, then a second tent for the kitchen

Evening at the camp

Once set up, you can come have tea or coffee and eat snacks (dates, halwa, fruits, nuts, biscuits) in the sitting place.

Unless we are in the desert for several days and need to save water, we make a jerrycan of water available with bowls so that you can wash.

As for toilets, you have to walk a bit and look for a rock, tree or sand dune to hide behind…

According to our arrival time (barring unexpected circumstances, we try to reach the camp early enough…), you’ll probably have also time for hanging around, gathering wood to make a fire, or enjoy free time at this special time of the day when the light is so smooth .

During that time, the team prepares dinner and gathers wood if we plan to make a fire.

In our team, all of us like to cook, know how to choose good products, and manage better outside with little equipment than in an equiped kitchen at home… so you can expect gastronomic food at the camp!

After dinner, and evening chatting in the tent, on the mat outside or around the fire, when you want to go sleep, you can take a mattress and head to your tent (or sleep outside under the stars if you prefer)…

Morning at the camp

In the morning, we prepare a good breakfast and, according the circumstances :

  • if we do not come back at the same camp next evening :

You can take breakfast. The team might already start to pack up but you are not in a hurry. After breakfast, you have time to folp up the tent and pack.

When everyone is ready, we leave…

  • if we come back to the same camp next evening :

You can take your breakfast and slowly get ready for the day. You leave your tent, and depending the circumstances, you leave your luggage in the tent or bring it to the car.

When everyone is ready, we leave…


Wild camping is rather epicurean : essentials not to lack of anything, and little more to enjoy the feeling of luxury…

Our tours with Wild Camping

Most of the tours (either trekking, hiking tours, discovery tours) which we offer include some nights camping in the wild.

Desert trips are only with wild camping.

Our Desert Trips

7 days

Level 2 & 3

White Desert

Available in JanDec

6 x Camping

Explore by foot a small and little visited desert, which offers very beautiful and varied landscapes. A great tour for desert lovers! The smooth organisation makes this trip suitable to the sportier as well as to the more contemplative ones.

8 days

Level 3

Rub Al Khali

Available in JanFebNovDec

6 x Camping

2 x Accomodation

Arabia Sands, Empty Quarter, Rub Al Khali… So many mysterious names for the great desert of Arabia. Spend 5 days and 6 nights to experience this so special environement�

11 days

Level 2 & 3

Deserts of Oman

Available in JanFebDec

7 x Camping

1 x Homestay

2 x Accomodation

Travelling in remote bedouin country, for desert lovers. The high red dunes of the Rub Al Khali, the rocky scarps of the Huqf, the sand dunes of the White Desert reaching the Indian Ocean, and the drive back through Wahiba Sands.
Nizwa Rub Al Khali Desert Huqf Desert White Desert Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid
Another tour with a lot of Wild Camping

15 days

Level 2

Discover and Adventure in Oman

Available in JanFebNovDec

9 x Camping

1 x Homestay

4 x Accomodation

An adventurous itinerary through remote and little visted places. But at a slow pace and with easy walks and hikes. Mountains, desert, sea, wadis, a lot of nature, and many camping nights in remote wild beautiful places!
Wadi Mistal Lowhills Wadi Sahtan Wadi Bani Awf Wadi Bani Kharus Jebel Shams Nizwa White Desert Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid Eastern Hajar’s Plateau Wadi Tiwi Wadi Al Arbeyeen Bandar Khayran

For more choice, you can look at our scheduled departures to join a small group , or Our catalogue of tours for a private tailor-made trip