A day hiking in the desert happens during a Desert Trip, a Hiking Tour, or a Discovery Tour.

We walk always a few hours in the morning, and then again 1 or 2 hours late afternoon until sunset. In between, during the hottest time of the day, we have lunch and take rest under the shade.


It’s important to take enough water, and something to cover your head (scarf, cap, hat…).

Regarding shoes, there are different options, each one with pros and cons :

  • barefooot: it’s nice in the sand ; maybe a bit tiring for ankels ; you should then take in the backpack sandals or shoes, in case the sand woulld become burning hot late morning (it happens even in winter…), or if there are parts on rocks or through prickly bushes (mainly in the White Desert)
  • socks: this is not such a good idea, since the sand quickly enters in but does not go out…
  • sandals (with socks in the back pack) : this is what most people choose… sand does not gather inside like in shoes, and you can wear the socks when the dsand starts to be burning hot.
  • low sport shoes : it’s also a popular choice, but you need to empty them regularly since sands goes in and not out ; some persons use gaiters to avoid this problem…
  • high shoes : it works well but it’s heavy… sand does not get in as quickly as with low shoes, but still does, unless you use gaiters…

It also looks that people used to walk with hiking poles find them useful in the desert.

Walking in the sand

Walking in the desert is totally diferrent than walking in the mountain.

Everyone has already experienced walking on the beach where we all prefer to walk near the water where the sand is firm than on the dry parts of the beach… well in the desert it’s similar : in some places the sand is firm and it’s easy, and in some other places the sand is softer and we tend too sink… according to the places and the deserts, we sink more or less deep (in the white sand dunes near the ocean, where sand is very fine, for exemple, it can happen that we suddenly sink up to the knees..)

The landform of the sand dunes brings also some difficulties :

  • when we climb up a dune, we go half-step backwards each time we do one step forwards…
  • Dunes sometimes form a ridge and when we follow it it can be tricky to keep the balance…

The morning hike

If we stay at the same camp the next night :

In this case, it’s easier for you and for us!

In the morning you can come and have breakfast outside on the sitting place, and then get ready for the morning hike ; your tent and luggages stay in place.

The hike is then a loop.

If one does not want to walk with the group, he/she can stay at the camp strolling, helping at the kitchen, or go for a walk alone (in this case, we just ask you to tell us in which direction you go and around what time you plan to come back…)

Usualy, we start around 8 AM and come back around noon.

Sometimes we start much earlier, at dawn, and come back around 10 AM : in this case breakfast is very simple (tea/coffee, fruits, dates, and dried fruits). We then have snacks all along the hike and eat a brunch when we come back. It has the advantage that we hike when it’s fresh and the light is smooth. The mid-day break, in contrary, might look a bit long…

Back at the camp, in all cases, tea and fresh fruits are waiting for us, then quickly lunch, which the members of the team staying at the camp prepared while we were hiking.

If change camp :

In the morning, you can come have breakfast outside in the sitting-place. After breakfast, you’ll have time to fold up your tent and pack your luggage.

During that time, the team starts to pack the camp.

When everyone is ready (around 8 AM), we go hiking toward the next camp. The drivers finish to load the cars and start to move too.

If one does not want to walk on that day, he/she can do the stage by car with the drivers, who move the vehicules and start to set up the new camp.

We usualy arrive around noon at the new camp. Tea and fresh fruits are waiting under the shade of the big tent. Quickly we serve you the lunch : there are a few traditional omani meals which are perefect for these transfer days, since they are better if prepared one day earlier…

Your luggages and your tent are here, and you can pitch your tent and settle anytime you want

Mid-day break

After lunch, comes time for resting.

It’s the hottest time of the day and these few hours might be a bit unpleasant if weather conditions are not the best, but it’s also part to the experience of desert…

When weather conditions are quite good, it’s then quite pleasant to have time for a nap, reading, playing cards,…

The evening walk

Late afternoon, when the sun becomes less strong, we go for a second hike or rather a walk, shorter, around the camp to enjoy the gentle evening light and see the sunset.

In the White Desert and Wahiba Sands, we do a loop walk across the sand dunes and stop on high point when the sun is setting. In the Rub Al Khali, we ascent a high dune to enjoy sunset from the top.

If one wants to walk more, he/she can walk alone and leave earlier. In contray, in one does not want to walk at all he/she can of course stay at the camp.

During that time, the team members who stay at the camp start to prepare dinner…