Desert is a special environment not very familiar to Europeans, both fascinating and frightening. Sand dunes with soft curved shapes and sharp relief under the smooth light of the rising and setting sun, which disappear temporarily under the raw light of midday sun.

We go to walk in the desert only during the best season (fom mid-november to late february), when the heat is bearable. So, the unpleasant time of the day is reduced t a few hours between noon and 3 PM ; At the contrary, the pleasant morning and evening time stretches.

During a Desert Trip, we stay in the sand druing the whole tour (up to 9 or 10 nights).

During a Hiking Tour, or a Discovery Tour we stay in desert sometime only 1 or 2 nights, sometimes 3 or 4, and rarely 5 or 6.

Different deserts ofOman

We visit Wahiba Sands for its beautiful red sand dunes, the fact that it is much inhabited, and because it is nearby the Hajar Mountains.

We go to the White Desert for the diversity of its landscapes, mixing sand, rocks, and scarse vegetation inland, and the surrealist impression produced by the pure white sand dunes on the Indian Ocean.

Rub Al Khali (which means “Empty Quarter” in Arabic) is the king of deserts. We go there for its huge sand dunes (up to 150m height difference between the bottom and the top) which rise everywhere from the sabkha (flat area between the sand dunes where we can find geodes, pieces of meteorite, or even sandroses), and the feeling of vastness which emanates from it(even more noticeable in the southern than in the northern/central part).

The camp

You should have a look at the page about Wild Camping for general information (sleeping conditions, toilets, kitchen…). We explain here what is specific to desert camps.

We stay sometimes several nights in the same camp, when there is enough to do and see around… we can then set up a more comfortable camp, and you won’t have to set up and fold up your tent nor pack your luggage every day. We have also experienced that it was creating different dynamics : we do not pass through the desert, we stay there…

We imagine often people from the desert and their nomadic lifestyle, with the features of the carvanners, wandering endlessly in the desert. It’s a bit fantasized : indeed, itinerancy was the lifestyle of the merchants (in the desert or elsewhere) before we had car… and even then, merchants were not constantly travelling, but were staying at home between 2 travels.

Nomadic lifestyle implies seasonal or at least occasional moves, but not always a daily itinerancy ; only during the moves. Their camps while travelling were much more simple than the ones for a longer stay.

Finally, we do a bit the same (despite the huge differences due to modernity) : the longer we stay at the same camp, the more comfortable it is. If we stay only one night, then it’s very simple…

We install a big tent to have shade during the day, and potentialy protect from wind in case of a sand storm. If the group is numerous and the camp the same for several nights, we also set up a kitchen tent.

Mornings and evenings, if there is no wind, we move the mat and mattresses of the sitting place (“majilis” in arabic) outside, so that we can enjoy the surroundings : the beautiful morning light, and the stars at night (if the moon is not here…).

Midday, in contrary, we move the sitting place inside the tent to have shade.

Note that in the desert, we have to save water. So, we cannot give you water for washing. Even for washing the dishes, we use sand only.

A typical day in the desert

Please have a look at our specific page about the progress of a hiking day in the desert.

Our Desert Trips

White Desert

7 days

Level 2 & 3

White Desert

Available in JanDec

6 x Camping

Explore by foot a small and little visited desert, which offers very beautiful and varied landscapes. A great tour for desert lovers! The smooth organisation makes this trip suitable to the sportier as well as to the more contemplative ones.
Rub Al Khali

5 days

Level 2 & 3

Rub Al Khali (Central Oman)

Available in JanDec

4 x Camping

A trip to stay in the Rub Al Khali, in the middle of huge red sand dunes (some of them are ‘singing dunes’), starting from Nizwa : 3 full days and 4 nights in full aunonomy in this mythical desert�

8 days

Level 3

Rub Al Khali

Available in JanFebNovDec

6 x Camping

2 x Accomodation

Arabia Sands, Empty Quarter, Rub Al Khali… So many mysterious names for the great desert of Arabia. Spend 5 days and 6 nights to experience this so special environement�
All the deserts in a single trip

11 days

Level 2 & 3

Deserts of Oman

Available in JanFebDec

7 x Camping

1 x Homestay

2 x Accomodation

Travelling in remote bedouin country, for desert lovers. The high red dunes of the Rub Al Khali, the rocky scarps of the Huqf, the sand dunes of the White Desert reaching the Indian Ocean, and the drive back through Wahiba Sands.
Nizwa Rub Al Khali Desert Huqf Desert White Desert Wahiba Desert Wadi Bani Khalid
Hiking tour with a long stay in the desert

10 days

Level 3

Hiking in Dhofar

Available in JanFebDec

6 x Camping

4 x Accomodation

Beatiful and secret hikes in Dhofar mountains, which receive munsoon rains in summer and host original fauna and flora, a day rest at the beach, and a stay of 3 days / 4 nights in the Rub Al Khali desert.
Jebel Al Qamr Salalah Rub Al Khali Desert
Discovery tour with a long stay in the desert

12 days

Level 2

Discover Dhofar

Available in JanFebNovDec

6 x Camping

5 x Accomodation

A nice tour to visit the region of Dhofar, which has a long history and enjoys a special climate since it receives the monsoon’s rain. Several days in the desert of Rub al Khali and an exploration of the coast east and west of Salalah.
Salalah Rub Al Khali Desert Jebel Samhan Jebel Al Qamr

Do you prefer to join a small group?

If you are a single traveller or a small party and prefer to join a group than going for a private tour, you might be interested in the Desert Trips which we schedule from December to February.

Find here the next Desert Trips scheduled.