A mountain hike happens during a Trekking or a Hiking Tour.

We hike together through the mountain, so we are not into a race or competition….

Terrain is not easy in Oman : in the mountain, paths are rocky and sometimes not very clear ; ascents can be very steep ; in the wadis, we sometimes, we need to make our way through big boulders.

So, we walk at a moderate pace, as relar as possible (~+300m height gain per hour), waiting for the slower ones (for sure, if the way is clear, the quicker ones can go in front and wait further), and stop regularly to contemplate these magical landscapes and share these special moments.

Of course, if we find water on the way (in some wadis, or on the coast), we’ll do at least one stop on the way to go swimming.

During the stops, we share fresh fruits, dates, and mixed nuts and dried fruits.

For picnic lunch, we have something light, simple, but fresh, prepared, and tasty : often raw vegetables, as a salad or in a sandwich, with bread and mezze. Sometimes, we use the leftovers from diner which we accomodate for lunch. Usually, preparing the lunch takes us half an hour, and lunch break all together 1 hour.

According to the circumstances (speed of the group, season, length of the hike), we leave more or less early, but never late. And we try to reach the camp or hotel mid-afternoon, or at least 1 hours before sunset.

In short, we make to be able to take time to enjoy, without making us late regarding sunset.