38 years old

15 years of experience

Speaks Arabic, English, and a little French


Said was born in a remote oasis of the Eastern Hajar Mountains.

His family had a semi-nomadic lifestyle, staying sometimes in the oasis to cultivate the fileds, sometimes on the plateau to take care of the cattle, and sometimes in a cave nearby a spring half way between the oasis and the plateau. To offer their 10 children a more comfortble and less strenuous life, they settled in Shab, with easier access to school and health center.

But they always kept on taking care of their fields and cattle in the mountain.


After finishing school, Said could not study at university and thus did several small jobs. It was an opportunity for him to get to know better Muscat, which at that time was accessible from Shab only through dirt track and small road.

He then started to work in adventure tourism, first as assistant/driver in a company run by british and then in another one run by french. There, he got to know Ibrahim and Antoine and a few years after they opened Al Maalam Tours, he joined them.


He started to go always more often on tours as a guide with guests of different nationalities (french, british, swiss, australians, japanese, etc…).

Quickly he maried, made a family and settled in the suburbs of Muscat. When Al Maalam Tours closed in 2017, he took over the japanese clients and worked as a freelancer to organise and guide their tours in Oman.

Working hard, he could build a house and start travelling (Malaysia, India, Turkey, Georgia, Bosnia). He continues now his freelance activity and guides again some tours for Al Maalam Tours.


The following of the story happens now, and will we written in a few years…