52 years old

23 years of experience

Speaks French, English, Spanish, and some Arabic, and Berber


Bruno comes from Aveyron in the south of France. He was born and grew up in the beautiful town of Millau, at the confluence of 3 wild Rivers (Tarn, Jonte, and Dourbie), and at the foot of the ‘Grands Causses’, in the foothills of the ‘Cevennes’ and the ‘Massif Central’.

He had a happy and worryless childhood in the countryside, raising hell with his friends.

He was very early attracted by extrem sports : he practices BMX at high level for 10 years. The regular trips to attend competitions were always occasion for having fun with his friends.


He was not so much interested in studies, but however he completed an hotel management school. After that he did his national service… it was rather an obligation than a personal choice.

Finaly, he met 3 persons who were working in the field of adventure outdoor tourism, and suddenly something clicked : he had found his way!

In 1995, he successfuly passed his exam to become offical mountainblike guide. He then started to guide mountainbike day-trips and at the same time to work in a rest house.


1998, he travelled to the Sinai in Egypt to design and lead mountainbike tours. It was his first contact with arabic countries, that would influence him for long.

In 2000, he widdened his activity field by getting the diplom of french official mountain hiking guide.

In addition to his mountainbiking activity in France, he started to guide trekking tours in the Libyan Desert, and then also in Morocco and Jordan. In the same period, he also left Millau to settle in the Pyrennees.

In 2010, he came for the first time in the Sultanate of Oman. since then he comes back every winter, since now more than14 ans.

Actually leaving in the Vallee d’Ossau, he guides electrical mountainbike day-trips and tours in the french and spanish Pyrennees. You’ll find more details about this part of his activity on his website :


The following of the story happens now, and will we written in a few years…