43 years old

14 years of experience

Speaks French, Arabic, English, German, Spanish


He was born and grew up in a peaceful village in the countryside in Normandy.

He had an easy, beautiful and worryless childhood with his brother.

His family moved to the suburb of Paris and he got to adapt to the city.

He got the chance, thanks to his parents, to travel in North Africa, America, and Europe.


He studied in Paris first humanities and then switched to business management, still keeping on reading about history, philosophy, sociology, and working on holidays in a warehouse.

He finished his studies in Germany and started to work as export assistant in smal family-run businesses first in Paris, and then in Millau.

He discovered mountains and hiking while travelling in South America.

Going then always more often hiking in the Cevennes and in the Pyrenees, he decideded to change job and train to become mountain leader.

A combination of cicumstances had him start this new job in Oman.


After working a few years for another agency in the field of adventure tourism, he opened Al Maalam Tours with his friend Ibrahim.

He managed the quickly growing company and kept on guiding tours.

At the same time he integrated in Oman, assimilating language and culture.

He also traveled in Yemen, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Palestine, Jordan, La Reunion Island, and Comor Islands.

In 2017, he decided to close the company to take some rest, step back, and resettle in France, in the countryside of Correze, nearer to his parents.

He also used this time to learn gardening and read further about history, philosophy, and religions.

After digesting all this, he decided in 2021 to marry and make family.

He also reopened Al Maalam Tours with his friend Ibrahim to come back in the Sultanate of Oman and start his professional activity again but differently : slowlier, but better and longlasting.


The following of the story happens now, and will we written in a few years…